Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conflicts Across The Country

Back on September 4, 2012, Prairie Public Radio's program Hear It Now featured the Chautauqua program, a living history program which disappeared for a few years in North Dakota. Working at my day job, my associates and I are working on bringing it back. Earlier this month, the event focused on four scholars bringing to life characters such as William Jayne who served as President Lincoln's personal physician and later as the first governor of Dakota Territory, Charles Everett Pace as Frederick Douglass, Karen Vuranch as Clara Barton, Jerome Kills Small as Taoyate Duta (aka Little Crow) the Dakota chieftan who led the Dakota in the 1862 conflict in Minnesota, and Reuben Fast Horse as Brigadier General Ely Parker the Seneca Indian who fought in the Civil War as part of General Grant's staff - Parker also wrote the surrender papers which General Lee signed at the surrender.

Mr. Bill Thomas, the moderator of the radio show, extended an invitation to Reuben and myself to stay through to the end of the program. I had thought that it was odd at first, that there was two natives invited to speak about the Civil War, and then a non-native brought on to talk about Little Crow, as I jokingly said to Mr. Thomas who also laughed, but by including our presence to the end of the hour, the conversation we shared with Mr. Dale Blanchan was richer.

At the end of the program Dr. Tom Isern came on to offer a reflection of the siege of Fort Abercrombie.

Anyway, friend, I thought I'd share the conversation with you. Listen to it at:

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