Monday, August 13, 2012

Pe’ Sla: The Heart Of All That Is, Sacred Site of the Lakota is Threatened

Gratify yourself with a copy of this beautiful book "Lakota Star Knowledge: Studies in Lakota Theology" by Ronald Goodman. Contact your nearest bookstore or order one off of Amazon, after you've donated a little something to the LastRealIndians to preserve Pe'Sla.
Pe’ Sla: The Heart Of All That Is
Sacred Site Of The Lakota Is Threatened
By Chase Iron Eyes, Last Real Indians 
RAPID CITY, S.D. - Right now, the Oceti Sakowin (The Seven Council Fires), aka The Great Sioux Nation is battling against the clock to save one of its most sacred sites, Pe’ Sla, The Heart Of All That Is.  Pe’ Sla, located in the center of the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA, is considered to be the heart of everything that is by the Oceti Sakowin. It is part of their creation story, Pe’ Sla plays a crucial role in the star knowledge of the Sioux. Ceremonies essential to their culture and beliefs, that Tribal elders and spiritual leaders explain help keep the universe in harmony, must be conducted at Pe’ Sla.

On August 25, 2012, the Reynolds Family will auction 1,950 acres in five tracts of land to the highest bidder. Once sold, it is highly likely that Pe’ Sla will be opened up for development; the State of South Dakota is considering building a road directly through it.

We at LastRealIndians believe our sacred places were taken illegally by the United States government, and are collaborating with the Sicangu Lakota (Rosebud Sioux Tribe) and other bands of the Oceti Sakowin to centralize fundraising to save one of our most precious sacred sites, Pe ‘Sla.  In an unprecedented, collective effort the Oceti Sakowin is attempting to buy as much of Pe’ Sla as possible, to save it from destruction and ensure that future generations of the Oceti Sakowin and other First Nations that consider the Black Hills holy, will continue to have access to this vital sacred site to practice their faith on its ceremonial grounds in its natural, pristine state.

Help save Pe’ Sla, the Heart of the Sioux Nation.  Click on this link to make a contribution.  Any amount given, no matter how small, is appreciated:

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is working with to accept donations from both Tribes and individuals who want to join in keeping religious freedoms for Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people alive and intact at Pe’ Sla.  Send contributions to:

Rosebud Sioux Tribe/Pe Sla
11 Legion Ave., P.O. Box 430
Rosebud, SD 57570

or online with LRI  All donations to the tribe are tax-deductible and will only be used toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla.

Additional Contact Info:
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*Oceti Sakowin (oh-CHAY-tee shaw-KOH-wee), or Seven Council Fires, is the traditional term that the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota people collectively refer to themselves. There are seven tribes, or bands, that make up the Seven Council Fires: Mdewakanton, Wahkpekute, Wahpetowon, and Sissetowon speak the Dakota dialect; Ihanktowona and Ihanktowon speak Nakota; Teton who speak Lakota. The Teton in composed of seven tribes or bands: Huncpapa, Sihasapa, Mniconjou, Itazipco, Oohenunpa, Sicangu, and Oglala. 


  1. Hello! This theme is really very important. I am glad that you care about the present and the future of your people! Can I ask a little more explanation about your great photos? These dwellings made ​​of logs and earth - belong to your people? These beautiful, inspired photos! Beautiful folk costume!

    We challenge the United States, President Obama, and the State of South Dakota to designate this area as a historical landmark or nature preserve. Yet given time constraints, we are also raising funds to attempt to purchase some of this land at auction, an auction which should have never taken place. Please help return this sacred land to the Lakota Sioux people and to all Tr
    ibal Nations which hold Pe' Sla sacred! Please see for more information! Pilamaye, Thank you! Sara Jumping Eagle

    Why this is important
    Pe' Sla is an area in the Black Hills of South Dakota (just west of Rapid City, South Dakota, United States) that is considered by the Lakota Sioux people to be the Center and heart of everything that is. It is part of our creation story. It is a sacred place. We perform certain ceremonies at Pe' Sla which sustain the Lakota way of life and keep the universe in harmony. Almost 2,000 acres of Pe' Sla is privately owned and will be auctioned off on August 25, 2012 to the highest bidder. It is likely that the state of South Dakota will put a road directly through Pe' Sla and open up this sacred place for development. The seven bands of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Oyate (people) aka Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation) have a collective effort to buy as much of Pe'Sla as we can at this auction (although we also believe that the land cannot be owned and that our sacred places were illegally taken by the United States). Yet we are trying to work within the current U.S. laws to regain custody of our sacred sites and prevent future road and industrial development.

    Our sacred ways must be protected and passed on to our future generations so that our children may live. This area of the Paha Sapa (Black Hills) is also home to many plants and animals who should also be protected. In fact, many consider that the area should possibly be a historical site, which would also assist in protecting it from future development as well. As Lakota people, our ancestors prayed here, at Pe' Sla, at certain times of year, when the stars aligned. We cannot go elsewhere to pray. We were meant to pray here. This is what they do not understand. Please help the Lakota people. "Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." Chief Sitting Bull, 1877

    We have a group of young professional Native people that are dedicated to the promotion of education, health, leadership, and sovereignity among our indigenous Nations. Our goal is to assist in any way possible the purchase of Pe' Sla by a collective effort of the seven bands of the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation) - the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota people. All proceeds from this campaign will go towards that effort. This area would be open to tribal nations for ceremonial purposes. The plants, animals, water, and air in the area would be respected and honored. Please see or
    for more information. We thank you for your hope in the future.

    We are hoping to buy as much of the land that is being put up for auction as possible. The total amount of land is 1,942.66 acres which is in 5 tracts (300 - 440 acres each). It is diffcult to say how much this land would be sold for as developers may increase the true western "value".

    The Rosebud Sioux Tribe has designated $50,000 for the purpose of purchasing Pe' Sla land. By contributing to the effort of all the Sioux Tribes, we aim to purchase at least some of the tracts, if not all. Many of the Sioux Tribes continue to exist in poverty and do not have a thriving casino-based economy as the media may have portrayed. Yet we continue to fight for what is sacred, because it matters!


  4. Mitakuyapi,
    Sing your song with me. Let's sing for PE'Sla

  5. Finding out about the selling of Pe'Sla has brought me here.

    Because the Ocete Sakowin have rightful and grave reason to be wary of wasicu, I must tell you that except for my grandmother, I am of a family that long ago I felt has done wrong to the Lakotah. Born on the land of the Wahpekute, where my family first came about 1840, I learned to track from my uncle. But I learned much more from a wolf who chose me after seeing me. He was determined and never stopped attempting to stay with me, through two years of abuse by the one who had found him. He is old now, and so we are not traveling so much this summer. I guess I was prepared by my grandmother for what he communicates, but he showed that we are all relatives, and the wrongly lost freedom of his kind leads me to understand that you must not lose this place, but you must in the future live, and be given back all that you had.

    I do not ask for your acceptance, and there are no bad feelings if this is erased. (not called Fred - that's just a cover for google)

    This is why I write here:

    To thank the Oceti Sakowin for their strength, their powerful defense of the land of their people, and of all that lived there, and will again.
    As you know, your courage has already been the center of indigenous North Americans' finding their own strength again. So as Pe'Sla is the center of your world, so is it, and you, of all others. I have believed this since I was a child.
    You traditional ways are very important, as these seem to form much of the necessary way to live. I have only given 1/3 of what I have to save this place at the heart of understanding, and I will think of giving more, as hearing of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of your people in Wakpala breaks my own heart. those who have had their own families broken know in a smaller way what this breaking of yours is like.

    So I write here to ask that those other children of the takers who read here, will quickly go to to give what they believe they can there - to give back, for the Oceti Sakowin and their unending courage, are the hope of the world.

    You should see how well this wolf chooses who he will let come near him! And how he once would be stretched out at chest height in the air after a deer, stretched out in the same way . . . but now he is snoring with much of his work done. For others there is still much to do, and quickly.